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Minister of the People and Social Development

Minister of the People and Social Development, Dr. the Honourable Glenn Ramadharsingh, was born in the southern village of Rousillac.   He made his political debut at the tender age of 10 when he delivered his maiden speech on National television, at one of the first Indian Arrival Day Celebrations at Bonasse Village in Cedros.
Born the eldest of a passionate politician, Councillor Evran Ramadhar Singh, Glenn Ramadharsingh was brought up in the political arena and would display his talents as an eloquent public speaker being crowned the champion of the National Public Speaking and Debating Competitions for five consecutive years.   He later made an international leap and represented his alma mater, Iere High School, at the Youth Parliament, earning rave reviews for his representation as the Prime Minister of Suriname. 
Torn between his passion for politics and debating and his love for the sciences, he opted to pursue his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and Physics at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine Campus. During this time, his family and constituency suffered a great loss with the untimely passing of his father in 1996.  This threw the constituency into despair and mourning with a resonant and unanimous call being made for young Glenn to take up the mantle of his father.  This challenge called for him to return to his mother's home and to defer his studies. 
His high regard for morality, charisma, and love for his fellowmen saw him being sworn in as the youngest Councillor in Trinidad and Tobago at that time, to the Siparia Regional Corporation, representing Otahetie/Rousillac.
He returned to his studies a few years later. Once again his leadership qualities were recognized as he was sought by the Jamaican fraternity to represent them as their Guild President.  He then advanced to represent the Natural Sciences and later the Medical Sciences fraternity, having commenced reading for his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.  He also served as Guild President at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.
This stint of representation at UWI remains unparalleled, however, the regional and international linkages formed during his tenure, would remain for future leaders to thrive upon. 
His commendable tenure at UWI, also brought  relationships and partnerships with national leaders, who considered him to be a focused, powerful young man; wise beyond his years, with the ability to one day become a remarkable leader.   
His appointment to Parliament in 2007 placed him at national focus for his oratory prowess and passionate debating skills.  Serving as a Senator remains a landmark feature in his prolific career.
As a Senator, Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh served his fellowmen in the administrative veins for many years, before being elevated to the General Secretary of the United National Congress.
In 2010, following his victory in the General Elections as representative for Caroni Central, Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh was appointed Minister of the People and Social Development.  His vision for the people of this country is evident in his pro-active, committed and focused approach.   

Minister Ramadharsingh’s success embodies determination, high moral values and is an inspiration to many.