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National Social Development Programme (NSDP)

NSDP was placed under the portfolio of the Ministry of the People and Social Development (MPSD) in the 2011/2012 Budget Estimates of Expenditure as recorded in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette Vol. 50, No. 89 dated July 13, 2011.  Cabinet Minute No. 2109 of August 9, 2012 has approved the Policy and Procedures Document for the implementation of the NSDP. 


The Policy and Procedures apply to underserved/deprived citizens and communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  The Programme ensures that needy citizens throughout the country have access in their homes to reliable and sustainable supply of pipe borne water and electricity, improved sanitary plumbing facilities and assist in providing simple, useful recreational facilities in underdeveloped communities.  This is all in effort to raise the standard of living and quality of life of underprivileged citizens.


Vision:  A dynamic, people-centred organization achieving sustainable human and social development.


Mission:  To lead in the enhancement of the lives of citizens, with emphasis on the vulnerable, throughout a network of integrated, effective and accessible social services.


Area of Services:  

  • Improved Water Supplies– Aimed at improving the water supply service to the population.  Special consideration will be given to areas where there are low income families.

1.       Pipe Laying (1 kilometer or less)

2.       Installation of Booster Pumps

3.       Installation of Communal Water Tanks

4.       Supply of Truck borne water to areas adversely affected by dry season conditions


Component NOT provided for:

1.       Commercial Enterprises

2.       Agricultural Developments

3.       Private Land Developments

4.       Private Housing Developments


  • Electrification and Lighting of Community Facilities– Aimed at providing a safe, reliable and economical supply of electricity.   


1.       Electrification of residential communities;

2.       Electrification and/ or lighting of community facilities ;

3.       Financing non-refundable Capital Contribution to low income facilities who cannot afford the cost;

4.       Electrification and illumination of road ways and desolate areas.


Component NOT provided for:

1.       Commercial Enterprises

2.       Agricultural Developments

3.       Private Land Developments

4.       Private Housing Developments


  • House Wiring Assistance Facility– Provides access to electricity supply to individual and families.  Community facilities may also benefit.  One-time assistance with materials and/or labour.

1.       First Time Wiring – (a) Persons occupying an existing abode but have not had such dwelling previously wired and; (b) New Construction;

2.       Rewiring – Instances where existing electrical wiring is old and faulty and may pose fire risks;

3.       Materials Only Assistance – Assistance is offered with Material only for first-time wiring rewiring at the Ministry’s discretion, having assessed the particular circumstances.


Facility NOT provided for Commercial Enterprises


  • Materials for Sanitary Plumbing Assistance– Assistance provided to purchase materials based on assessment of individual circumstances.

Facility NOT provided for Commercial Enterprises


  • Minor House Repair Assistance- provide persons with materials and/or labour in roof repairs and other minor structural repairs to their homes

1.       Contractors will be hired to provide labour;

2.       Issues of extensions will be determined by need;

Facility NOT provided for Commercial Enterprises.


  • The Development and Improvement of Children’s Play Park– provide recreational options for children, while assisting in the prevention of child obesity and lifestyle diseases from an early age.


1.          To supply, maintain and install equipment in communities in collaboration with the respective Regional Corporations.


Facility NOT provided for:

1.       Private Land Developments

2.       Private Housing Developments


The Divisions/Units of the Ministry will work together to ensure beneficiaries receive the best combination of materials and labour.

Preference will be given to:

  Applicants whose total household income is less than $6,000.00 per month

  Applicants who are pensioners or recipients of Public Assistance

  Applicants suffering from a disability as recommended by the Disability Affairs Unit

  Referrals from various divisions within the Ministry which includes but not limited to: TT card, Social Welfare Division, URP Social, PIRCU etc.

Application forms are available at all offices of the Ministry of the People and Social Development or requests can be made to the Member of Parliament Offices, which would then forward the request to the National Social Development Programme, currently located at #67 Independence Square, Port of Spain.